UnknownTom Seals teaches Bible courses at Lipscomb University. He received his BA in Biblical languages from Lipscomb University in 1971, his MTS degree from Wesley Seminary in Washington, D.C. in 1976, and his DMin degree from Memphis Theological Seminary in 1999. Tom has completed post-doctoral work in Pentateuchal Studies and in Religion, Politics, and Social Issues from Vanderbilt University. In addition to God’s Word for Warriors, Tom has published Proverbs: Wisdom for All Ages, The Sermon on the Mount for Modern Living, and The Quest for Spiritual Maturity. He has served as a pulpit minister in Virginia, Tennessee, and Colorado. He is also actively involved with the Instituto Biblica Inter-Americano in Lima, Peru, serving as International President. Tom is Professor of Biblical Practice and Chaplain to Veterans at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.

Tom’s passion and commitment to veterans comes from his prior service in the United States Marine Corps, as well as several years of service with the United States Government, serving in Washington, D. C. and Europe. He has been long committed to improving the transition process for today’s veterans as they return to civilian life. He has dedicated years of service to veterans on and off campus in many capacities, resulting in being among the University’s most respected faculty.

While teaching Bible classes at Lipscomb, Tom identified a need for a faith-based course, focusing on spiritual development while addressing physical, mental and moral experiences many veterans have faced in acclimating to the culture following their service. This led to his latest book, God’s Word for Warriors, inspiring Bible courses he now teaches at Lipscomb, local churches, and in the surrounding communities.

Tom’s commitment to future veterans’ success has prompted the launch of the “Endowed Chair for Bible/Chaplaincy” and scholarship for veterans. 100% of proceeds from Tom’s book will be distributed to this fund in order to develop, sustain and promote Tom’s continued commitment to veterans for years to come.

“God’s Word for Warriors is a succinct and comprehensive resource for a reintegrating veteran. I would have loved to read this as I was navigating life returning home. As a medic having served with combat arms while deployed, I felt a sense of hypocrisy and difficulty articulating how to defend my position as a maturing Christian. This text summarizes in analytical fashion how a veteran may wield a weapon and simultaneously preserve life at war and return home with honor, morally and spiritually.”

– Sergeant Jacob L. Schultz, Army National Guard, Operation Enduring Freedom. Former student at Lipscomb University and now a student in medical school

“I started my transition as a veteran in the God’s Word for Warrior course with Dr. Seals. Dr. Seals created a safe environment where we discussed tough topics that only veterans would understand. As a female, it was intimidating entering the classroom with the majority of students were males. However, it was easy to look past that once we got to know each other. I am not the type to talk too much in front of strangers, but the openness of the classroom made it very easy to do so. The course book was an excellent resource that created discussions in the course. The God’s Word for Warrior course opened my eyes to issues I was struggling within my life. I cannot thank Dr. Seals enough for his patience, kindness and compassion. I will never forget him or the lessons I learned in God’s Word for Warrior course.”

– Specialist Theresa Benner, Army, Operation Enduring Freedom.

“Returning from combat is hard; transitioning back into a civilian role is harder. Dr. Seals eloquently tackles the very real issues today’s veterans face after service. “God’s word for the warriors” challenges Veterans to face the issues from their service instead of trying to forget them. This book isn’t a Doctor trying to tell people an easier way to transition but rather a fellow veteran using scripture to guide veterans through transitioning. One of the most helpful books I have read and recommend to any service member transitioning back to society.”

 – Bryan S. Flanery, Sergeant U.S. Army retired, Reboot Combat Recovery.

“U.S. Marine, Biblical Scholar, Christian Minister. Dr. Seals brings all of his experience, knowledge and passion to produce this nuanced yet practical guide to post 9/11 veterans returning home. This book is to those who have faithfully followed orders to follow Christ who is faithful to provide the healing, direction, and hope they need during their difficult time of transition.”

– Steve Parham M.Div, MSCMHC, M.Ed, Christian Counselor

“Tom Seals has dedicated much of his distinguished career to helping veterans make the transition from combat leader to family, church, and community leader. Tom possesses a remarkable gift of partnering with veteran students in and out of the classroom in authentic relationship designed to help students discern God’s calling for their life and how God can use anyone’s past as the foundation for work in the Kingdom. “God’s Word for Warriors” is the culmination of years of Tom’s work counseling, leading, and empowering veterans to define themselves the way God defines them – as children of the King.”

– Joshua M. Roberts, Dean of Student Development, Lipscomb University

“I was in Tom’s first course using this book’s text, a course geared toward veterans and it truly was a transformative experience in my life. The class started in a traditional setting, but with Tom’s insight developed into more of a group counseling session. We bonded in that class through our shared experience as veterans. I have completed myBachelor of Science degree in Psychology and am currently attending dental school and this is still the most important class I have taken, and Tom is the only former instructor that I still have a relationship with.”

– Derelmy “Randell” Buckley, Former CWO, U.S. Army

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